— F A Q :  A C T I O N S —


All Michelle Kane actions will operate on a PC or Mas, as action files are NOT Mac or PC specific. They work the same on either platform. Please refer to the installing FAQ section if you are having issues unzipping the files on a Windows based computer. Please refer to the individual product description pages of the website for compatibility information if you are using older Photoshop versions. All collections work in the newest version of Photoshop, which is currently Creative Cloud.

No, they will not work with Elements.


Your credit card payment will be processed through PayPal, but you are not required to sign up for a PayPal account to complete your transaction.

We are able to process credit card orders over the phone. Please call or email for details.

Discount codes are not retro-active. They must be used at the time of purchase.

Sorry, but discounts and sales are not retro-active. Promotions come and go and can only be applied during the advertised promotion timeframe. No exceptions.

As is the industry standard, due to the nature of the digital download and the inability to return a digital product, purchases are non-refunable. No exceptions.


Please refer to this video for information on downloading, installing and backing up your purchased actions. How to Download, Install & Backup Photoshop Actions Video.

Upon completing your purchase and making your payment through PayPal, you will be redirected to the Michelle Kane Photography website where you will be given an instant download link. You will also receive an email to the same email address used with your PayPal payment that will contain the download link. It is recommended that you copy and paste the download link into your internet browser. It will automatically begin downloading the zip file to your computer.

Chances are, the email was caught in your spam/junk folder. Please check the appropriate spam folder for the email address that you used with your PayPal transaction. Please be aware that some emails such as Gmail and Yahoo have their own spam folder when using with mail clients such as Mac Mail.

This message is generated if the link has been clicked and activated more than 3 times. When the download link is clicked, it sometimes appears that nothing happened. Please check your downloads folder, or the location you have set to save your online downloads. Many times you will find the file there without realizing it downloaded. It is recommended that you copy and paste the download link into your internet browser.

Purchases completed using a bank debit card require 2-3 days to process. Once the payment clears through PayPal, you will automatically receive an email with your download link.

If you have not verified your mailing address within your PayPal account, and/or your mailing address for PayPal differs from your credit card statement mailing address, PayPal will hold your payment for up to 24 hours while it verifies and processes your transaction. Once PayPal has reviewed and approved the transaction, download links will automatically be issued to you via the email address used on your PayPal transaction.


Please refer to this video for information on downloading, installing and backing up your purchased actions. How to Download, Install & Backup Photoshop Actions Video.

If you are using a Windows based computer, we recommend that you use a program such as WinZip or 7zip to unpack your downloaded zip files. None of the action files nor any of the freebie files we offer are password protected. Seeing a prompt to enter a password to open the files is strictly a Windows security feature. If prompted to enter your password, you should use your computer system password, which tells Windows that you are accepting to open the downloaded files. But again, to keep it easy, use one of the unzipping programs listed above.

Do a search on your computer for the name of the action folders. Depending upon your purchase, it will either be Creative HeART, HeART and Soul or HeARTy Action Bundle. If the files were extracted or unzipped without you knowing, your search should pull up the files. You can also search for the actual name of the action file: M K – Creative HeART.atn or M K – HeART & Soul.atn.

Simply double click the .ATN file(s) from the unzipped download. This will install the actions into the ACTIONS panel of Photoshop. To view in Photoshop, go to WINDOW and check ACTIONS to make the actions panel visible. Or, watch the video HERE for information on how to install the actions.

You are permitted to install the actions on up to 3 of your own personal or work computers. Distributing/sharing the actions with others is illegal and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  

Make sure that you are installing the .atn file. Trying to install the .zip file or a file folder will result in an error message. 

You can watch the video HERE for information on how to back up the actions. 

Your action file(s) will be wherever you saved them. Hopefully after you downloaded them, you saved them to a meaningful place with your other purchased items or actions! If you cannot remember where you saved them, do a search for the file name.

  •  On a Mac: click the spotlight tool in the upper right hand corner of the screen menu or click the finder and type in the spotlight text field. Type in either Creative Heart and/or Heart & Soul.
  •  On a PC Windows 7: click the start menu and type in the name of the actions as listed above.


You will receive a PDF manual in the download folder with your purchase.  It covers instructions on installing and playing the actions, information on how layer masks work, how to customize the actions, and gives an explanation of each action and when you might use them. Please also check the tutorial and video sections of the site. There are numerous posts on how the actions have been used in the editing blueprints and the videos offer step by step editing instructions. 

The actions are not hard to use. They are designed to help photographers create a custom look, through combining multiple actions to build the image in stages while selectively editing in sections. Many of the actions have help messages built in to assist you in using or customizing the action. See previous question/answer for links to helpful tutorials. 

The HeARTy actions were created with versatility at the heart. You can achieve virtually any look and tone with these actions. You are not limited to rich and colorful looks. By combining the actions, you can achieve simple & clean pop, rich & dramatic, light & airy, artistically toned, as well as a variety of cool black and white finishes. It’s all in how you combine the actions to create your own custom looks.

The Botanical Blends actions allow you to easily infuse beautiful color tones, hazes, and matte finishes into your photographs. 

It is very helpful to have an understanding of layer masks. Most of the actions have built-in layer masks that allow the user to paint in the effects, or paint out the effects, just where desired. Most actions have a help message telling the user when painting on a layer mask is suggested and what color brush to use. The PDF manual that comes with the action purchase also has a section on how to use layer masks. Please check out this layer mask tutorial or any of the editing videos to see layer masking in action.

If you’ve played an action many times and don’t need the informative stop messages, you can easily delete them from the action. First, make sure you have the actions backed up in case you accidentally delete the wrong thing. Open the action by clicking the drop down arrow next to the name of the action in the actions palette. Find the step in the action called “stop” and drag that command to the garbage can. The action will now play without the stop message popping up.

remove stop message from action 


Be sure that you are editing in 8 bit mode. You can set the bit mode by clicking the IMAGE menu in Photoshop, then MODE. (Editing in 16 bit mode will help most with reducing banding in images.) If you must edit in 16 bit mode, then edit the entire image, flatten, then switch to 8 bit and finish with Flawless Face.

When Adobe updated from CS5-CS6, there were some random glitches that caused Light + Shade to not make the layer 50% gray. If you purchased your actions before March 20, 2013, please email me your PayPal receipt of purchase and a fresh download link will be provided for you that will fix Light + Shade.

Contact me via email with your PayPal transaction number or a forward of your payment receipts and a new download link will be issued.

Buttery Blur is offered as a freebie download. Please visit the freebies page and download the Buttery Blur action. This is another Adobe CS6 glitch.

You should reinstall the actions from the original files. Follow the installation instructions listed in the PDF manual that you received with your purchase or refer to the video on installing actions. Once you’ve reinstalled the actions to the default version, simply delete the set with the errors.

Sometimes changes to the Photoshop interface and default settings can get changed without realizing it. There are two ways to set Photoshop to use the default masks on fill layers. Follow the steps illustrated to remedy the issues. You should also check the settings of the intersecting circles on the adjustment palette, as show in the second option.

Option 1: From the Layers Palette

 Option 2: From the Adjustments Palette

If all else fails, try the following:

1) Reset your workspace to one of the default workspaces by going to the top Photoshop menu —>Window —> Workspaces.

2) Reinstall your MK Photoshop actions into Photoshop. You should have the original saved on your computer from when you downloaded it and backed it up!

3) Last resort: Reinstall your Photoshop program.


Didn’t find your question answered here? Please contact us if you need further assistance.