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Compatibility win-mac-ps-ccPacked with infinitely customizable Photoshop actions, Michelle Kane Photoshop action collections provide powerful and intuitive tools to help you leave your individual imprint on your photographs. Developed to be extremely versatile, these actions enable you to speed up your post processing workflow and bring your creative vision to fruition. Rich, light, film-like, or something in between, these robust actions give photographers simple, yet powerful tools to create nearly ANY artistic look in minutes.


HeART & Soul  //  Creative HeART

The HeARTy actions, which include the HeART & Soul and Creative HeART Collections are a photographer’s main photo editing toolbox, containing go-to tools that never go out of style (sharpening, contrast boosts, digital makeup, black and whites, color tones, vignetting, light optimization, etc.).

Compatibility: Photoshop CS2 thru Creative Cloud

Botanical Blends

The Botanical Blends Collection is perfect for the photographer who loves light, airy, pastel images. This collection is packed with beautiful color tones and hazes that can be used solely for delicate looks, or added to richer base images for gorgeous artistic haze and matte finishes. 

Compatibility: Photoshop CS2 thru Creative Cloud


 Botanical Blends Main action image


Half Light 

The Half Light Collection contains actions to achieve the most modern yet timeless edits, including filmesque™ looks with matte finishes, film grain, and light leaks. Half Light has a variety of white balance adjustments, as well as one-click base edit actions and backlight enhancing actions. This collection is perfect for the photographer who loves the soft look of traditional film, yet also likes colorful photos with a hint of subdued matte film. It is also perfectly suited for those who enjoy the organic, yet playful look of colorful light leaks.

 Compatibility: Photoshop CS3 thru Creative Cloud

Half Light Photoshop Actions by Michelle Kane 

Caramel Black + White

Caramel Black + White is a specialty action collection that produces elegant and warm caramel-toned black and white photos. With options for matte or haze finishes, you can refine the edit for a variety of polished looks. 

Compatibility: Photoshop CS2 thru Creative Cloud


Caramel BW MK Main Actions

Built for Versatility + Ease

customize actions


At the core of all Michelle Kane actions is the ability to adjust and tweak them to fit your specific needs perfectly. They were developed so that you’ll have full control over all aspects of the action components. After playing an action, simply toggle open the action folder in the layers palette and adjust each individual layer’s opacity, blending mode, or visibility From light, contrast, clarity, color, and tone, you have the power to adjust as necessary to fine tune each action to your personal needs.

The ultimate tool for artistic control comes through the use of the layer masks built into each action. Every action finishes playing with either a black or white layer mask attached in the layers palette. White layer masks allow you to cover up a portion of the action’s effect, while black layer masks allow you to selectively add in the effect where you want and to the degree that you want. This is powerful contro


You can achieve endless looks for your photos by combining multiple actions into one edit without ever having to flatten your layers as you go. Each action plays seamlessly on top of the previous action, allowing you to stack actions and effects to build a truly custom look. If later you decide to eliminate a previously played action, it’s as simple as dragging that action folder from the layers palette to the trashcan.




combine actions


Helpful Hints

Many Michelle Kane actions were developed with plenty of help messages along the way to ensure you know exactly how to manipulate them. In addition, each set comes with a PDF manual that explains what each action does and gives you helpful hints as to what actions work best when.

Define + Save Time

Time is money, right? Michelle Kane actions give you the tools you need to achieve your unique look to help brand your business in just minutes.


Bundle + Save

Any of the Michelle Kane action collections are definitely powerful as individual sets. But they are even better when paired together—giving you much more control and ease in defining your unique style. Plus, bundled collections offer fantastic savings. The free tutorial videos and photo editing blueprints you’ll find on the website demonstrate all the collections and how they work seamlessly together. Just an added bonus for Michelle Kane customers!

With delivery via instant digital download, you can boost your creative workflow and start saving time immediately!

Check individual product description for Photoshop version compatibility. ALL collections will be compatible with PS CS3 thru Creative Cloud.

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