41 Essential Editing Actions

The Creative HeART Action Collection is the photographer’s artistic toolbox. It contains 5 powerful yet easy-to-use actions sets: Simple, Rich, Delicate, Black + White, and Tones. As with all the HeARTy Photoshop actions, the Creative HeART actions can easily be combined, playing nicely one right after the other without ever having to flatten an image. This provides incredible control while editing, with the flexibility to experiment in combining for endless creative looks. From vibrant and saturated, to vintage and hazy and everything in between, the Creative HeART actions help you develop a quick workflow to produce your signature style of imagery.





Black & White


Before and after slides represent photos edited with a variety of actions from the Creative HeART Collection.


—Creative HeART Collection—

Simple: Bland to Brilliant, Dull to Dazzling, Lavish

Rich: Imperial, Plush Color, Posh, Sumptuous Smolder

Delicate: Euphoria, Radiance, Rapture, Warm Air, Daydream, Sweet Delight, Sunlight, Moonlight

Black + White: Timeless, Heirloom, Hinterland, Ice, Prime Time, Pewter, Silverscreen

Tones: Antique Pearl, Autumn Sunrise, Beautiful Warmth, Bloom, Blue Powder, Brown Sugar, Chestnut, Cosmic Ray, Daffodil, Honeysuckle, Kiwi, Lilac Haze, Mocha, Mulberry, Peach Sorbet, Raspberry Lemonade, Rosy Dusk, Sapphire, Sweet Maple


I have had a lot of feedback from fellow photographers regarding the way I managed to make the colors seem so vivid but yet at the same time not over-saturated and I have led them to your actions. But i just wanted to say thank you for these awesome tools.

The more I use Bland To Brilliant the more I love it, and the timeless B&W conversion has become my go to for black and white images…

So yeah, just wanted to say thank you!   🙂  — Joel C.


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All photoshop actions come with a helpful PDF manual that I highly recommend reading. You’ll learn what each action does, how to best tweak them for your needs, as well as learning important info on layer masks.

Please check out the many editing blueprint posts and videos to help inspire you with your new actions.