48 Essential Editing Actions

The HeART & Soul Collection is the photographer’s main photo editing toolkit. It contains 8 essential action sets: Color Enhancements and Corrections, Digital Makeup, Misc. Tools, Contrast Boosts, Light Treatments, Hazes, Vignettes, and Sharpening. With pop-up help messages along the way, you will be guided through how to best use the actions. By simply painting effects in or out with the brush tool on the provided layer masks, you have freedom to easily apply effects just where you need them. HeART & Soul puts powerful editing tools at your fingertips.


Color Enhancements & Corrections

Digital Makeup

Miscellaneous Tools

Contrast Boosts


Light Treatments





Before and after slides represent photos edited with a variety of actions from the HeART & Soul Collection.


 —HeART & Soul Collection—

Color Enhancements and Corrections: Turn Up the Heat, Turn Down the Heat, Mellow Out, Color Jolt, Color Swap, Light + Shade,  Hidden Meadow (Lush Greens), White Neutralizer (2 versions)

Digital Makeup: Flawless Face, Sun Kissed Skin, Rosy Cheeks + Lips, Anti-Fake n’ Bake (2 versions), Anti-Pasty Skin, Anti-Lobster Skin (2 versions), Blue Eyed Beauty, Gorgeous Green Eyes, Eye-citement, Glisten, Pearly Whites

Miscellaneous Tools: Bring on the Bokeh, Merge It, Flatten, Start Over

Contrast Boosts: Basic Boost: Color Keeper, Basic Boost: Color Cutback. Zing!, Ignite

Light Treatments: Light All Over, Dark All Over, DIY Light, DIY Dark, Starbright, Light Optimize, Opulent Light

Hazes: Translucent Haze, Matte Haze, Flushed Haze, Matte Overlay

Vignettes: Punch the Perimeter, Velvet Vignette, No Frills Vignette

Sharpening: Sparkle, Dramatic Details, Dazzling Details, See Things Clearer 




I wanted to thank you for such a great action bundle! I did my first edit with your actions and I am so pleased to say I think my photography can hit a whole new level!    – Amber A.



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All actions come with a helpful PDF manual that I highly recommend reading. You’ll learn what each action does, how to best tweak them for your needs, as well as learning important info on layer masks.

Please check out the many editing blueprint posts and videos to help inspire you with your new actions.